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InTire Mobile Tire Shop now offers companies responsible for local fleets of

5 or more vehicles the opportunity to evaluate your fleet's

tire inventory using our fleet service.


Ranging from car rental companies to commercial landscaping services

to government vehicles,

we service tires for cars, SUV's, vans and light trucks. 


With our services, we will record the condition of your

fleet's tires and wheels and

perform monthly maintenance as needed 

so that your fleet is always ready to go.


We also offer overnight servicing for your convenience. 

Our onsite tire service includes:

  • monitoring- tire pressure, tread depth, mileage, tire wear

  • tire &/or wheel replacement service (tires & wheels extra)

  • rotations

  • computerized balancing

  • tire repairs- plugs, patches, valve stems, bead seals

  • roadside assistance

  • overnight service available

  • alignment & brake inspection

Let us help you protect your investment

while keeping your drivers safe and improving your gas mileage

by 3% or better. 

Just fill out our quick and simple application to get started.


Once your application is reviewed, we will schedule a walk through and provide a free estimate.

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