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tire repair, 24 hour roadside assistance, mobile tire shop, new and used tires


We offer temporary tire plugs for those emergency situations


A more permanent tire repair - NO PATCHES! Guaranteed for the life of the tire.

A tire patch requires: cleaning the surface, buffing, clean again, glue and stitch. That's too many steps to rely on, too many components to trust.

When you buff down the inner liner you are allowing moisture to seep through the rubber faster. Most shops will buff out a 3-inch circle for a 2-inch patch leaving an inch of inner liner exposed.

We offer a safer and more PERMANENT tire repair, performed from the interior of the tire.


All tires should be removed from the rim to determine if the tire should be repaired.

You cannot properly repair a tire without examining the interior of the tire. 

We examine, clean, and permanently seal the injury of the tire with our permanent tire repair. Relies on NO buffing, NO glue and NO rubber cement.

Gets stronger over time!


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