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find tire size

Have you ever had a tire issue and the technician asked for your tire size but you had no idea? 


Locating the correct tire size is very important to getting the service you need. If you're unsure of your tire size give us a call. Or use the methods below.

First way: Check the sidewall of the tire. The picture shown has the tire size outlined in red

(215 70 16). 


In our example 215 is the width, 70 is the aspect ratio and 16 is the rim size.  These numbers represent the complete tire size.

Second way: Check the owner's manual or

find the tire and loading information placard

in your vehicle.

Sometimes the tire that is currently on the car is NOT  the real tire size. 

So for reliability check the placard.


The placard on new vehicles is now located

on the driver's side door jamb. If not, it will be on the rear edge of the driver's door. 

intire mobile- tire sales, service and repair
intire mobile- tire sales, service and repair
best way -tire size

Earlier placards can typically be found on:


  • The driver-side door or doorjamb

  • Rear passenger doorjamb of Ford sedans

  • Fuel filler door

  • Glove box or center console door

  • The engine compartment

The easiest way to find your tire size is to use our link.

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